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Conveniently located in Monterrey, Mexico, our company delivers high quality, on time and price competitive steel structure solutions to the construction industry.


All of us at PROMAQUINA are committed to the total satisfaction of our clients, meeting their needs and expectations, promoting the continuous improvement of our processes and the fulfillment of the quality objectives established at all levels.


To be an ethical, reliable and competitive company to
attract the best clients and with an excellent
s organizational climate.


Generate steel infrastructure efficiently to develop the community.




Detail engineering with 3D modeling.​

It consists of a series of technical deliverables needed to plan and execute a project in time, optimizing material and labor resources.

The main deliverables of the detailed engineering are:
-3D Modeling
-Manufacturing drawing
-Assembly drawing
-Bill of materials

Fabrication of metal structure and industrial welding under AWS and AISC standards.​

American Welding Society (AWS) codes provide a balance between efficiency and quality. They also provide concise and comprehensive criteria for the production and evaluation of welded materials.

For the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), building quality steel structures from the start is possible by focusing on error prevention rather than error correction. Through the quality systems, documentation and proper administration it is possible to identify and avoid root causes.

Non-destructive tests for our fabrications.​

To guarantee the quality of the product during our manufacturing process we perform non-destructive tests that allow the detection and evaluation of possible discontinuities in the surface as well as in the interior of metallic materials. Our certified technicians perform non-destructive tests in accordance with the recommended practice ASNT SNT-TC-1 A 2016.

UT: Ultrasound
MT: Magnetic Particles
PT: Penetrating liquids
VT: Visual Inspection
Internal CWI inspectors

Paint application under the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) standard.​

The protection and preservation of steel surfaces is ensured by the use of adequate cleaning and surface preparation procedures, the application of protective coatings and high performance coatings.

We use equipment to monitor environmental conditions before and during the application of paint, as well as equipment to measure coating thickness.



The VOORTMAN V808 robot is an 8-axis robotic thermal (plasma) cutting machine. The flexibility and range of the robot allows us to cut steel profiles in virtually any 3D shape. With the flexibility of this system it is possible to produce complex structures in short times. The Panasonic robot of the Voortman V808 is equipped with sensors to measure the exact position of the profile, any possible difference is compensated during the cutting process with this ensures the most accurate result possible.

PEDDINGHAUS HSFDB2500 is a versatile plate processor that uses HD plasma cutting and high speed drilling in one machine, allowing the machine to produce parts quickly and accurately. Whether it’s the tool changer, its powerful drill motor, its robust clamping system, or its minimum injection lubrication, each of these features accelerates production to achieve end-to-end efficiency.

The drill VOORTMAN V613 is a drilling machine equipped with a rotary drill that allows the drilling of profiles both in the core and in its two skids. The equipment has tool changers and position sensors that speed up the drilling process.

The welding line for beams CORIMPEX BWM-TC-MD-2500X1250 is a submerged arc welding machine designed for the manufacture of “T” or “H” beams, symmetrical or asymmetric with the ability to weld beams of variable section. With this technology it is possible to weld pieces with the soul oriented vertically. Once the beam is fed into the machine both sides of the soul are welded simultaneously.

PowerWave de Lincoln Electric technology allows you to implement optimal performance for a specific welding application by selecting the best waveform for each job. Ensure quality and increase consistency part by part through the user interface.

STRUMIS is a production management software for steel manufacturers that facilitates the management of highly complex projects in all their stages. Among other aspects, it allows us to monitor and control:

  • The progress of the project in real time and for each element.
  • The modifications and their economic impact on the project.
  • The traceability of materials and production processes from the receipt of material to its dispatch to work.


Since 2001 we have manufactured metal structures for different applications, mainly:


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