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Promaquina is a company dedicated to manufacturing Steel Buildings with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Steel Buildings

We have extensive experience in design, manufacture and assembly of all types of Steel Buildings.

We're located in the area of Monterrey, Mexico, we serve the oil industry, power generation and construction, with high quality Steel Buildings, timely delivery and competitive price.


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All of us at PROMAQUINA are committed to the total satisfaction of our clients, meeting their needs and expectations, promoting the continuous improvement of our processes and the fulfillment of the quality objectives established at all levels.


+ Profile Cutting - The VOORTMAN V808 robot is an 8-axis robotic thermal (plasma) cutting machine. The flexibility and range of the robot allows us to cut steel profiles in virtually any 3D shape.

+ Plate Processor - PEDDINGHAUS HSFDB2500 is a versatile plate processor that uses HD plasma cutting and high speed drilling in one machine, allowing the machine to produce parts quickly and accurately.

+ Profile Drill - The drill VOORTMAN V613 is a drilling machine equipped with a rotary drill that allows the drilling of profiles both in the core and in its two skids.

+ Submerged arc welding - The welding line for beams CORIMPEX BWM-TC-MD-2500X1250 is a submerged arc welding machine designed for the manufacture of “T” or “H” beams, symmetrical or asymmetric with the ability to weld beams of variable section.

+ Production Management - STRUMIS is a production management software for steel manufacturers that facilitates the management of highly complex projects in all their stages. Among other aspects, it allows us to monitor and control: The progress of the project in real time and for each element, The modifications and their economic impact on the project, The traceability of materials and production processes from the receipt of material to its dispatch to work.



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Address: Carretera Miguel Alemán #300 Col.Nova Apodaca, Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico.


Phone: +52 (81) 80079456 al 59